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Have a blog? Get Google Authorship!

13 June 2013


Blogs are a great way of generating new content for your website on a regular basis. It keeps your website lively and it’s a great way to get people to return to your website. On top of that, it also helps you in your search engine rankings, which is a great plus of course! Now Google is rewarding all the effort that goes into writing those great articles with Google Authorship. Make sure you grab this chance; it’s going to have a big impact!


What is Google Authorship?

Google Authorship links a personal Google+ account (so not a business page) to a piece of content, e.g. a blog article. Content that was authorised by Google will be shown in the search results with a picture of the author next to it. This makes it more visible and more attractive to click on the article. Authorised content is also ranked higher in Google and if the author is very active on Google+, that has a positive influence on the ranking as well.
google authorship

How does it work?

Google Authorship works quite simple. You just add a code to your content and make sure you link back to the content via your Google+ page. After you have done this, it can take a couple of weeks to receive the authorship. You can find the steps you need to take here.

Why would I use it?

Since we started using Google Authorship on our blog, we saw our website visits through Google grow immediately. It really is making a difference and now other companies and websites are figuring this out too, you will have to dive in to not be pushed aside by the competition.

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