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Fantastic pop-ups and where to use them

21 September 2018


From the “Your computer is infected, click here for a prize!” to the “Sign up to hear the latest news on battenberg cake.” most of us encounter pop-ups on a daily basis.

This blog will talk through

Talk to our team about how pop ups can change your hotel’s website!

I thought I would break this down into the 3 key questions that we at Umi can answer for you about the world of pop-ups.


What are pop-ups?


Pop-ups are everywhere, they have been around the digital world since the dawn of time (or the late 1990s…). Pop-ups are seen as a nuisance when done badly and a great marketing method when done well.

To clarify, this article is referring to pop-ups inside your website alerting users to features or offers you have on. This is not talking about the “YOU ARE OUR 1’000’000th VISITOR” separate window pop-ups that I was constantly being warned not to click on when I was younger.

When created with a clear idea of what your customer wants, and how you are going to enhance their experience, pop-ups can drive customers to complete actions that benefit your business. However, a lot of the effect of this comes from how well your pop-up is displayed along with when, and to whom, it is shown.


Why does your Hotel website need pop-ups?


Hotel websites have a large number of actions that a customer might be prompted towards: booking a room, reserving a table, joining a newsletter, enquiring about a wedding.. the list goes on!

Where pop-ups come into this is their ability to drive the right customers to the right place at the right time. As one, very specific, example of how you can use these; if someone has come through a link on “best places to stay over bonfire night” you could have an offer for rooms in november appear with fireworks bursting in the background. This would link into the customers thought process about booking and appeal to them.

Using this method of putting the right offers in-front of people based on location, what website they came from, or if they are on a certain page, can help the response rate of these greatly increase.


How can Umi help you make the most of pop-ups?


At Umi we have a team of marketing and web experts who are focused on hospitality and travel. We have almost a decade of experience creating bespoke websites and strategies for hotels and other businesses across the hospitality industry.

We have access to a suite of pop-up software that can create well targeted pop-ups that will fit nicely in with the design of your page. Using this we are able to work with you to create a strategy that ensures each page of your website is prompting the right actions at the right time.


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