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How to get more followers on Instagram

06 April 2013


So you’re on Instagram and you’re sharing some great photos. The next step to Instagram is to get people to actually see those beautiful pictures. This then begs the question, how do you get people to see your photos and, even better, get them to follow you? In this blog post we’ll look at 4 tips for getting followers on Instagram.


Step 1: Create an impressive gallery

The first thing people will do before they start following you is check out your gallery. Did you only post three photos so far, people won’t get too excited about that. Did you only share photos of your boring office or are they all a bit blurry, You won’t get many followers with photos like that. Make sure you post photos on a regular basis (at least once a week, but every day is even better) and make sure they are of good quality and appealing to your target group. Give people a reason to follow you!


Step 2: Let people know they can find you on Instagram

After you’ve made sure your gallery is filled with some impressive, attractive photos, you can start letting other people know. Share it on your other social media accounts and website, tell about it in your newsletter and even tell people when they visit your business. A nice way to showcase your Instagram photos on your website is to use an Instagram feed. It’s like a Twitter feed, but instead of Tweets it shows the photos you posted on Instagram.


Step 3: Use hash tags

Another way to reach an audience is by using hash tags, it works about the same as with Twitter. You use hash tags to tell people what your photo is about and when people search on that tag, your photo will pop up. If people are impressed with your photo they will probably want to see what else you’ve posted. If your gallery is to their taste as well, there’s a good chance they’ll start following you. Try to use popular hash tags (Statigram is a great online tool to see which hash tags are trending), but make sure they do have a connection to your photo.


Step 4: Like and comment on other people’s photos

People like to get recognition for their work and it becomes even more interesting if it’s a company giving them a compliment. It’s important to like photos by other users and even better, comment on them. Not many people leave a comment on Instagram so, if you are one of the few people who did you’ll probably get the attention of the person who posted the photo. It’s best to like and comment on photos that have a connection to your own gallery, the people who post photos similar to your own are more likely to be interested in your gallery.

Instagram is a powerful platform with a lot to offer your business but it requires a little extra care. Make sure to post good quality photos and interact with other users. Before long you’ll have a great following and be able to push your photos out to hundreds of people with ease.

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