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The Importance of Video Marketing

14 March 2014


Video is hot and has been for a while! If you haven’t integrated video into your marketing strategy, then you are already behind the curve, so start integrating video to boost social lead conversions. You might think that video is too expensive, too complicated, or your company just isn’t suitable for video. This is nonsense; there is not a product, brand nor company that isn’t suitable for video! You can educate, sell and entertain through video. You can show your products through video and demonstrate services. You can even visualize ideas through interviews. We are visual creatures; 60 percent of consumers would rather watch a video than read text and 80 percent are more likely to buy a product after seeing a video.

Nowadays, video is all over social media platforms, be that Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Instagram, and it helps your business SEO tremendously as search engines prioritise links that contain rich media content. By sharing videos on one of these platforms, you can give your viewers a way to interact and create a buzz of your business! And then there’s Google Hangouts, which offers you to include up to ten people in your live event; we will tell you all about that in our next blog!

The opportunities for video marketing are endless and we hope we have convinced you to start integrating video into your marketing strategy, as you will gain so much by doing so! Online video is blowing up!

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