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Introducing The Two Week Website

15 October 2013


In our mission to help hotels and travel companies reclaim their independence from online travel agencies, today umi Digital has launched the “Two Week Website”- a unique system to give independent hotel and travel businesses a fully functioning, beautifully designed website with just a two week build time.

With Google Trends demonstrating year on year increase in hotel and restaurant related searches and online travel agency commissions increasing their cost per sale figures, it is essential for independent hotel and travel businesses to establish their own online presence and generate direct business through affordable travel websites.

Research has indicated that the average cost of a new business website with content management system (CMS) that is built from scratch by a reputable web developer or agency will cost upward of £3000. The Two Week Website from the London-based umi Digital team is a fully customised, CMS-inclusive site, created in the UK by award-winning British hotel and design professionals at a third of the average price of a website build.

With an extensive portfolio of website launches for the hospitality sector, we are aware that high-budget, time-intensive website builds aren’t a viable option for independent businesses. Self-build and template websites have become the only alternative, but often at the cost of the business’ brand and credibility. As a result, independent businesses have become reliant on commission-led online travel agencies as their main means of generating business leads.

In response, we have utilised our industry knowledge to refine and develop a unique system that reduces web development time by 80%, dramatically reducing the build time. With a selection of common travel industry structural and technical requirements already in place, our team of award-winning creatives are able to focus more time on producing a stunning front-end design to create a strong and trusted brand identity. This bespoke, targeted solution ensures that businesses receive a standards compliant, functional website that integrates their unique business requirements, including online booking software.

Umi Digital CEO Steve Lowy said “As a hotelier myself, I understand that hotel owners are keen to keep up with the current online trends but are very time poor. The Two Week Website takes the pressure off and gives hoteliers a brand new site in a fortnight that looks like it took a lot longer to make.”

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