Optimising your Live Chat through Automation

  ·  1st June 2017

Automation and personalisation might sound mutually exclusive, but automated processes can actually help us enhance the user experience by making it even more personalised.

Even the smallest and most tech-averse businesses can hugely benefit from using live chat and its many automations. If you are unsure about how to set up your automations and greetings, just drop us a line.

LiveChat can detect what your users are doing on your website and personalise their experience by serving different messages or content in different ways. If you dive a bit deeper into the settings, you can see that the list of customisable features is seemingly endless. In this post we have picked out our favourite features from LiveChat for you to understand and play with.

What are Live Chat triggers?

Triggers are “a set of actions performed under certain conditions”, meaning that your chat window will automatically behave in a certain way depending on the way the user is browsing your website. An example of this might be a basic setting that tells the chat window to pop up after 45 seconds or 3 page views. This way you can invite your potential guest to chat with you, without actually having to do anything. Just sit tight and get ready to chat!

Why are triggers so awesome?

To take it to the next level, you can also customise the greeting message in your chatbox according to the user’s online behaviour. For example, returning visitors will see “Hey, so nice to have you back! …” rather than just a standard message. You can also filter messages depending on how the user has found you, or the “traffic source” if we’re using Jargon. If they come to your website from one of your social media accounts, you can greet them with something like “We’re glad you enjoyed our Instagram post taken by the lovely Emma on reception! Let us know if you need anything.”

With a bit of thought, this tool offers a great opportunity to create a memorable online experience – which will in turn hopefully become a real hotel guest!

Other automatic triggers include:

  • Location – greet users in their native language or make a reference to their current weather, holiday or events.
  • Search keyword – give users the answers they are looking for by referring to their search terms. E.g. if a user searched for “romantic getaway Brighton” let them know which romantic packages your hotel offers.
  • Specific pages – if your user is browsing your local area page send them an update about the latest events in your neighbourhood
  • Custom code or API – if you want to get really techy, get in touch and we can automate your live chat based on custom codes or APIs. Taking it to the next level!

Automatically answer FAQs

Keep getting the same questions from guests? Why not add it to your greeting? This way you can reduce confusion and maybe even convince them to book with you. For example, if people keep asking if your hotel is pet-friendly greet them with a message like “We now offer special packages for guests with pets! If you have any other questions just reply, we are here if you need us.”

Canned responses

By now you are hopefully getting so many chats that you don’t have time to write in full sentences anymore. No worries, you can easily set up shortcodes, such as #welcome – to automatically show up as “You’re welcome, let me know if you need anything else!”. Great for the power users handling lots of chat’s at once.

After hours

Even if you or your staff can only answer chats during working hours it still works as a lead generation tool. Just set your business hours and sleep well knowing that users will still be able to leave a message via live chat.

Automatic feedback

Setting up your automation will not convert well if customers don’t get the answers they are looking for. By setting up a simple post-chat survey you can check how satisfied users are with your customer service, improve your communication and ideally get more bookings!

Any questions? Just call or email us – we can’t wait to hear from you! You can also head over to LiveChat to start your 30-day trial.