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Columbia Hotel

The Columbia Hotel, located in the heart of London's West-end

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The Columbia Hotel is an independent and family run hotel located in the heart of central London in Lancaster Gate. The hotel itself is soaked in local history, with it originally being used as a Red Cross hospital during World War One, then as the United States Air Force London Officers’ Club from 1956 to 1975. The hotel was officially converted into a hotel in 1975 and attracted a host of celebrity guests during the early ’80s and 90s, adding to the hotels overall history.

The team first met back with The Columbia Hotel in early and 2018 and begun discussing the design of the new website, ensuring it fitted in with the hotels existing branding and helped attract organic traffic to the website.

What did Umi Digital do?

The team created a beautiful bespoke website, aimed at promoting increases in the number of organic direct bookings being converted through the website, in order to help reduce the overall reliance on the OTA’s.  The website since being pushed live has been extremely successful with improvements and the team here at Umi continue to provide monthly marketing support.

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