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SEO for Hospitality and Travel

Create highly optimised content for your hotel or travel busienss

Are you being outranked by your competitors on Google? Do you want to grow more organic search traffic to reliably scale your online revenue?

Increase Search Engine Traffic

At Umi, we de-mystify SEO and start by stripping your website back to its core components of audience analysis, relevance, content and structure. With the backbone set, the team then work to add all the leading-edge methods to ensure it surpasses the competition.

Technical SEO

There are some aspects of SEO that require a development team. We get under the hood of every site to ensure the code and website performance is conducive to excellent Search Engine Performance. The team will ensure the implementation of:

  • Lighting fast load speed
  • Schema markup and structured data
  • Accessibility and Usability
  • Best practices with code usage

Information Architecture

The structure of the website is hugely important for SEO. We have data across over 200 websites that inform our approach to content structure and tailor our suggestions to your business model. The SEO team will use specific tools to cover:

  • Topic Clusters
  • Pillar Pages
  • Optimum URL Hierarchy


Keyword and Phrase Analysis

To guide any content strategy, one first needs to address the search terms of prospective customers. Our approach directly maps persona analysis onto the creation of a keyword and phrase strategy that can be adopted in content generation and digital advertising.

  • Goal orientated approach
  • Keyword and phrase silos
  • Persona-based topic clusters
  • Search volume analysis

Content Strategy

Once the keyword analysis has been performed and all on-site optimisations are addressed, the SEO strategy can be put into action by producing relevant and interesting content. If this content is created in line with the keyword strategy, buyer personas and commercial goals – the site will see strong search performance.

  • Content suggestions
  • Cross-platform linking
  • Strategic support and training

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