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Sun Street Hotel

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Why we loved working with Sun Street Hotel

A positive partnership established with the Hotel Brooklyn and Telegraph Hotel Coventry led to the creation of Sun Street. Umi were approached for the bespoke development and marketing of Sun Street. Compared to Hotel Brooklyn and Telegraph Hotel Coventry, it was a completely different offering, but nothing out of the ordinary. Mainly because we have knowledge of 5-star hotels like The Stafford and The Landmark.

In preparation for the launch, we underwent a user research, design, and bespoke development process. We have since started the website support and digital advertising. The construction of Sun Street, a brand-new luxury hotel with a tonne of potential, was an excellent project. The part that was most thrilling was using Sun Streets brand. Their product is very unique because of the numerous minor elements that went into it. The team was able to incorporate these peculiar features into the digital realm thanks to the fact that they have Google Birds artwork and that the location used to be a bell foundry.

Umi РHarry Fielder, Managing Director 

Sun Street was a lovely site to work on thanks to its quirky and standout design. The build also presented unique development challenges and new learning opportunities, making it a great build to be part of.

Umi – Lilian Lin, Junior UX/UI Designer

The part I enjoyed working on the most, was the process of drawing and refining the Google Birds illustration to fit the Sun Street style. Integrating the resources and information from the clients and generating an appealing visual output was my joy in this project!




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