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Hotel Website Development

Cutting Edge Development

We don’t deal in recycling existing themes or using page builders. We build your beautiful new website from scratch to ensure exceptional code quality.

At Umi we don’t deal in recycling. All our designs start their life with pen and paper and so too with our development work. This way, you know you’re getting something truly tailor-made and unique. We follow tried-and-testing structures and modules that are then made bespoke, just for you, so you can truly exhibit your individuality.

We will not be using page builders, excessively using plugins or reworking downloaded themes. Everything that you will be receiving will start its life within our four walls so we can guarantee it’s quality.


At Umi we develop with the latest web technologies and are constantly trying out newer and faster tools to give your hotel website an edge. Our development stack usually involves the following technologies:


While we are platform agnostic when it comes to bespoke software, we are very proud to use WordPress to power our hotel website development. It is stable, flexible, easy to use and has an ever-evolving community that constantly improve the software. It remains arguably the best and most popular CMS on the internet with over 30% of all known websites being powered by WordPress. For our developers, WordPress is nearly limitless in its implementation and sets a solid foundation for our creativity and future marketing efforts.

Modular Development

Websites are living breathing entities and are designed to flex and change over time. To ensure this is possible, we adopt a highly modular approach to development which allows us to create and use specific modules like sliders, booking widgets, offer cards and calls to action throughout the website.

Not only does this make the pages flexible and malleable (for ongoing conversion rate optimisation) but it also allows us to easily scale your commercial goals change.


The beauty of the modern web stems from its ability to communicate with any number of third-party systems. This is essential in creating a seamless user experience for bookers to navigate multiple digital touchpoints throughout their customer journey without being interrupted by different pages, branding and UX.

Umi specialises in deep integrations across the hospitality tech stack and are well equipped to bring your different systems together in one coherent user experience.

Example deliverables: