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Umi was appointed as the marketing partner to oversee a transition out of the De Vere brand and into independent ownership and management. The key obejectives were:

Working with Umi Digital

In close collaboration with other tech vendors such as Globres and Netteam, Umi designed and developed a bespoke hotel website using a Growth-Driven Design methodology. This was to ensure that the key revenue streams were clearly presented but also to form a foundation for tracking, analysis and incremental improvements to the site. As there was no previous data from the website (as it was under the management of DeVere), it was important to wait for the data to dictate the marketing activities to ensure no money was wasted on marketing.


From a brand new domain, the website achieved 8,000 users in month one and is growing month on month through targeted advertising and Hotel SEO. It continues to be a flexible platform for the sales team.

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