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Promoting Your Content on Google+

15 April 2014



More and more businesses start to integrate Google+ into their social media marketing strategy. It’s essential in your marketing strategy to promote your content on your social platforms, including Google+, as you want to engage with your (potential) customers. All you need to know is which tools to use to succeed on the platform.

First of all, do some Google+ research and find out about Google Authorship, Google Publisher and Google Analytics. As a marketer, you need to know how the platform works. There are over 60 Google products and, like it or not, Google is a big part of the Internet. Most people use these products every day. They read their emails on Gmail and search on Google maps to get to a destination and so on. These apps are shown in one accessible place. On the right hand corner of your Google+ page, you will see a bell icon. Whenever you receive an alert, this activity appears.

Google+ is an easier platform to reach communities than Facebook. Marketers need to pay attention to content that is published on Google+. The Google method of publishing content differs from content published on Facebook. For example, when you publish content and people keep interacting with it, it will continue to show up near the top when people search for this particular content. But, you need to know how you can construct your content best, so Google understands and it won’t pass you by. You will discover that might be very important for publishing. In addition, make sure your website is solid, i.e. easy to use, easy to find the information that is needed and so on! It is important that people can find your content as quickly as possible.

It is very easy to build a story using Google+ compared to Facebook. Therefore, it’s important that you post different content on Google+ and don’t use the same updates for both platforms. Take a look into the different ways you can publish your content by using images, videos and GIFs on Google+, as this works great on the platform! You can also cross-promote by scheduling Twitter chats within Google+ events. In addition, you can use different hashtags in your posts (not more than three though!). By searching for hashtags, you will find different communities talking about similar topics. It is a great search tool. For more information, click here.          


Start integrating Google+!


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