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The Difference Between a Blog Post and a Web Page

07 November 2016


It is really important when updating your website content to understand the difference between creating a page and a blog post.


A website page is used to create the framework of your website, the ‘homepage’, ‘about us’, ‘get in touch’ pages. These are static on the website and there position does not tend to change.

There is no limit to the amount of pages you have on your website, but usually there are no more than 10, depending on the business.



A post is more dynamic, we create a blog post on a website to show news updates/changes on the website usually. Some websites will have a specific page to show all of their blog posts in one place. These usually will be listed in the date that they were created, the older posts the harder to find usually as they will become backlogged as new posts are created.

Posts can encourage conversation as they have a comment section at the bottom, this can however be disabled.




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