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Email Marketing For Hotels

The ‘Post Stay’ Hotel Email

21 July 2020


In this blog post, you will learn what a post-stay email is and what it should contain. We will also explain why and when to send this email and how often you need to update it.

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What is a post-stay email and what does it contain?

This email is sent shortly after a guest’s departure. It gives you an opportunity to thank your guest for staying at your hotel but it is also a good time to ask for any feedback. The experience is still fresh and the motivation to respond will be the highest. This could be done in the form of a survey that you can ask them to fill in in exchange for a small reward (e.g. a free drink for their next stay).

Make sure to tailor your email around the guest’s preferences and encourage them to sign up for future offers. Did they book a spa treatment or a specific room or meal? You can use this information to make relevant suggestions and increase the chances of a repeat stay.

Note: make sure to not make this email too long or ask the guest for too many interactions. Decide what is most important and go from there.


Why should you send this email?

By sending a post-stay email you show your guests that you care about their experience, are committed to constantly improving your services, and would love for them to stay with you again. It could be the start of a long-term relationship.


When exactly should you send it?

The day after your guest checks out of your hotel is perfect for this. Your guest will spend the check-out day travelling home and unpacking, so you want to give them some time to settle. The day after they are either still enjoying some time off or are back at work and will most likely check their emails.

Tip: With the right property management system, you can automate these emails and text messages. 


How often should you update this email?

If you automate this email, which we highly recommend, by the way, this email will not need to be updated very often. You should revisit this at least quarterly or whenever you make bigger changes to your website to make sure that all the URLs are still working and that everything else is still on-brand.

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