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Top Hotel Marketing Tips for Success in 2016

09 April 2016


Looking at Hotel & Travel Marketing through 360 degrees

One of the biggest issues within the hospitality sector is the fact that it is lagging far behind in regards technology. This is especially true for marketing technology. I often find that Hotels and smaller travel businesses look at marketing activities as separate chunks instead of in a full 360 degree holistic view. I believe that viewing marketing activities as separate chunks will result in the plan not achieving its intended goals and having very little benefit overall.

A hotel in 2016 needs to have a good handle on all parts of the marketing space; offline and online. Have a strategy that encompasses digital, social, branding, offline and even customer and staff engagement is the only way that hotels can truly have a successful marketing strategy. Not only do these boxes need to be ticked, but tracking and monitoring the performances of all the activities is important to make sure the strategy is tweaked and improved to what works best for your particular business. The number of businesses I have seen that do not have Google Analytics setup properly, or don’t have marketing KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) is shocking, but it is down to a lack of knowledge in the sector. Social Media is a very “trackable” medium but people often don’t which means to adopt. They also often think that social and/or content marketing doesn’t have any bearing on the success of a marketing plan.


Top Marketing Tips for Success in 2016

  1. Make sure you have a simple marketing strategy that covers online and offline activities
  2. Make sure you track your activities
  3. Make sure your digital marketing activity is sensitive to what device (mobile or desktop) that people will be engaging with it.
  4. Make sure your staff are trained and are aware of your marketing plan so they can “buy” into it and help drive it
  5. Remember that a marketing plan shouldn’t be static – constantly evolve it and all your activities.

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