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Let Great Social Content Promote Your Business for You While You Sleep

23 August 2017


Read our guest blog post by John Talbott, Co-Founder of Twizoo:

Social media is woven throughout our everyday lives. With 1.8 billion photos shared on social daily, it has quickly become the ultimate democratiser of content creation and distribution on the Internet. Where a few years ago, your customers may have shared their thoughts about your business on sites like TripAdvisor or Yelp, many more of them are now sharing their experiences on social media, like Twitter and Instagram.

graph of social media usage in adults

However, unless your customers are as “popular” as Justin Bieber or Donald Trump (!), that Tweet they just shared or Instagram they just snapped is so fleeting. In fact, it is probably seen by just a handful of their followers and then quickly lost in the noise and forgotten.

These genuine pieces of user-generated content that are being shared on social present an amazing way to inspire your future customers. But, the difficulty has always been finding the gems amongst the huge amounts of noise on social. Only about 2% of content that mentions a business or brand are inspiring enough to influence a future customer to make a purchase; however, those rare diamonds in the rough are so juicy that when displayed in the right places on your website, they can increase the likelihood of that visitor becoming a customer by 25%. Totally worth it right?

Yes, but what about the whopping 98% of the social content that just is not good enough? Whether the content is inappropriate or offensive, not from one of your actual customers, contains negative sentiment, or has a picture that justâ?¦ isnâ??t that great, knowing which content will resonate with your customers let alone finding that content on a daily basis can quickly become a time sink of manual effort.

As an example, think about finding the Social Content for a business like the London Mondrian Hotel. A quick search on Twitter reveals hundreds of promotional, irrelevant, posts like this:

Mondrian Tweet

With automation becoming a reality in so many industries from driverless cars to voice-enabled vacuum cleaners, getting the most out of social media for your business should be no different.

That’s why we have spent years teaching our machines to find the best social content that’s relevant to the products and experiences featured on your website. We realised that too many great social posts are slipping through our fingers, instead of putting them to work where they can make a huge impact for your business. We work with businesses with one or two products or services, up to those with 50,000+ to automate bringing the best social content to their sites, and it is as simple as a copy and paste into your website. The content is always fresh and always meet high-quality thresholds.

To see Twizoo in action, here is an example of the best social content about The Mondrian:

Mondrian on Twizoo

Get the most out of the content your customers are sharing on social media. Contact us, to plug Twizoo in for your website.

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