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Using Pop-ups for your CRO Strategy

27 January 2023


If you’re looking for a new way to improve the conversion rate on your hotel website, using pop-ups are a great method to add to your CRO marketing strategy. Pop-ups are visually pleasing windows that appear on your website, to promote a service or offer your hotel is providing, and can be a useful factor in enhancing your website to engage your visitors and generate leads.

What type of pop-ups can increase our direct bookings?

There are a variety of pop-up’s that you could use to encourage your visitors to convert on your website. The great thing about pop-ups, is that they’ll allow you to capture potential customers before they leave your website, and this could provide you with the insight you need, to then create personalised offers for that customer which could lead to more conversions. 

Here are a few different pop-ups you could use to increase your direct bookings: 

How to make sure those pop-ups increase your conversions

It’s best to not create and publish a pop-up to your site blindly, you must ensure you are putting thought and strategy behind it! Here are some ways to do that: 

  1. Make it look appealing: The design of your pop is what they’ll notice first. Stay true to your branding and make sure your pop-up uses contrasting colours, high quality images & clear typography.
  2. Call to actions: Be clear with where you want your visitors to go! Your CTA should stand out and be easy to click on. Use clear and actionable CTA’s such as “Book A Room” or “Sign Up Now”.
  3. Don’t stop there: You’ve disabled your pop-up, what’s next? Your pop-ups should be another marketing tactic that you test and optimise. How do your views compare to your conversions? Did you target your visitors on the right webpage? Try different templates and timings to find out what gets you the best results.

WordPress plugins for pop-ups

Below are a few options, some we are already familiar with:


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