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Welcoming Our New Junior Front-End Web Developer!

13 April 2017


We asked our new Junior Front-End Developer Lok Cheng a few questions this week to find out a little bit more about our new team member!

So, what do you do at Umi Digital?

I am a Junior Front-End Web Developer.

Where are you from?

South-East London in Bromley.

What is your favourite sports team?

Not one to watch sports but I enjoy to play basketball, table and normal tennis.

What is your favourite holiday/ favourite destination?

I would love to do a road trip across the U.S. hitting up all the Man vs Food Challenges while at it with a few friends.

I would also love to go to the snowy mountains of Tibet or Mongolia.

Japan is definitely number one on the bucket list though (fave destination).

How many siblings do you have?

I have an older brother & younger half-sister.

Do you have any pets?


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