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Prototypes and Wireframes

Laying the Foundations

To ensure a cohesive and optimised user flow, it’s essential to define the key elements first without focussing on the detail. Using best practices, Umi create modular structures and style guides based on your brand and best practices.

The Style Guide

Consistency is essential for the Hotel and to achieve this, we need a set of rules and processes to guide our design. This ensures all the digital touchpoints reinforce each other. As a precursor to designing the full renders, we will agree on the look and feel of specific elements so that they can be carried forward consistently throughout the designs.

Example Deliverables:

Creating Wireframes

Wireframes are a website’s scaffolding. Without a structured layout to the website, we lose consistency and hence the user experience suffers. In the early phases of designs, we will present monochrome layouts for approval, based on goals and brand objectives. By removing the detail and styling we are all able to focus on the core purpose of the website.

Example Deliverables: