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Content Setup and Optimisation

Setting Up For Success

Once the design and development has occurred, it’s time to create the pages, integrate third-party tools and ensure everything is fully tracked.

Analytics and Tracking

A website is only as good as the results it generates. Umi has always had the core focus of delivering direct conversions and in order to deliver on this, we extensively track and analyse the usage on all the websites we deliver. Our team goes beyond the standard Google Analytics implementation by tracking granular events (such as hovers, button clicks, sequences etc.), heatmapping and search analytics. We deploy these tools efficiently through Google Tag Manager.

Example Deliverables:

Content Setup

Adding text and images is often overlooked when planning a new website but the formatting and image selection is a hugely important part of the process. Our content team will work to upload the approved content into the sitemap and structure all the necessary pages in line with the signed off designs.

It is important to note that if the content is significantly different or missing from the content supplied for the designs, it is likely that the overall appearance of the site will differ.

Example Deliverables:

Conversion Tools

Enterprise conversion tools are coming thick and fast to the market. We are seeing the likes of live chat, targeted popups, abandonment capture and other services having significant boosts to conversion rate. Umi will set up the selected conversion tools to create a consistent and optimised experience.

Example Deliverables:

Content Management System Training

With every project we launch, we accompany it with a detailed training session to get the most from your new website. This will be delivered in person where possible or via a screenshare to the marketing team within the hotel.