Social media has never been more important for your business


Should your business be on social media? Absolutely. But should you have an account on every platform? Not necessarily. Umi helps you choose.

It is extremely clear in today’s modern society that social media is a huge powerhouse for any business, especially for those in the hospitality. If used correctly, social media can help hostels to attract large new followings to their website, in turn leading to large increases in direct bookings.

However, with so many social media platforms becoming available in the past years it has become difficult to identify which ones carry the highest ROI for hostels. Here at Umi Digital, we work with your business to establish the most effective and useful channels that your hostel should be using to ensure the highest level of ROI and coverage to help attract the highest numbers of people. Here at Umi we reach the right people and ensure your conversion rate remains high and you are left with an increased numbers of bookings.

Our social media services help you harness the optimal potential of its capabilities and ensure the highest levels of ROI. of social media beyond being a simple marketing channel. We guide you through the common pitfalls, instil proven practices within your organisation and set you in a position to use social media as a powerhouse of information and innovation.


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