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Internships at Umi Digital

Our core value is a “Love of Learning” – Join us on our journey as an Umi Intern!

The Program

Founder, Steve Lowy, has worked with over 40 interns throughout Umi Digital’s lifetime. It is a value that was held in high importance at Umi Hotels which has disseminated down into our core values. Having a “Love of Learning” is hugely important to us and is reflected closely in our vibrant and diverse internship program. At Umi Digital we fit the role around the individual to set interesting and challenging task that we know will deliver specialist knowledge in particular areas as well as a wider commercial understanding of how an agency runs. Harry Fielder, our current MD, started as an intern in 2013 and has moved through the business to where he is today! Learning at Umi is one of our greatest strength and we love teaching and learning with anyone that is passionate about the industry.

Our internship program runs between 3 and 6 month on a rolling basis and is highly project-based so every individual can take with them a portfolio item or showcase into further education, a new job or indeed into their future career at Umi. We welcome interns from all countries, all backgrounds and all abilities so please get in touch and we’ll be delighted to discuss the possibility of working with you at Umi.

Is it for me?

Some key traits that we look for in our interns are as follows:

My internship with Umi Digital was as valuable as it was educational. As a writer, I got first-hand experience researching, writing, and editing blogs and other content in a professional setting. In the course of this, I learned how to create and format written material for websites, which is an invaluable skill in our digital age. Because Umi’s structure is so integrated, I was also able to learn about other aspects of digital marketing that extended beyond my internship.  Everyone at the office was knowledgeable and kind, and they were happy to help me get the most out of my time with them. It was especially exciting to be entrusted with tasks that actually mattered to Umi and our clients, as this made me feel like a valued member of a workplace. I am incredibly grateful for the memories I made and the skills I learned with Umi.

Emily CorpuzMaketing Intern

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