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Google Hotel Ads & Metasearch

Generate an exceptional return on advertising spend (ROAS) through our advanced Google Hotel Ads package.

Increase Direct Business Through Google Hotel Ads & Metasearch

Google Hotel Ads is a specific meta-search method that displays your hotel’s rates alongside other channels. This meta-search platform drives warm leads directly to your hotel booking via URL parameters and caters for the purchasers in the buying cycle as opposed to search ads which cater more appropriately to the consideration part of the buyers’ journey.

Google Hotel Ads have a number of different commercial models but most popularly it is a CPC (cost per click) system allowing you to set a monthly budget and only pay for those users who interact with your GHA campaign.


The Umi team will first work with you to set up connectivity between your hotel booking engine and Google’s hotel availability, rate and inventory feed. The key information we need from you is:

  • Your Monthly Budget
  • Your Booking Engine
  • Email address of your booking engine account manager

Bid Management and Optimisation

We first launch the campaign on a low visibility strategy in order to collect valuable data. After a few weeks, we will begin to strategically optimise the campaign to ensure we are driving as many people to your hotel website and booking engine. This includes:

  • Setting out a month by month budget
  • Ensure price parity
  • Adapt budget and bid allocation across different variables such as country, date, room type, etc.


Your ads manager will provide you with a monthly report to inform you of how your campaign has performed and outline the strategy for the following month. The report will include the following information:

  • Number of clicks
  • Cost of sale
  • Transactions
  • Conversions
  • ROI / ROAS

The Benefits

With the vast majority of searches taking place on Google, it is essential that you appear wherever the OTA’s are to help drive direct sales. Some benefits of GHA are as follows:

  • GHA see on average an ROI of 10:1 – 20:1
  • Increase traffic to your booking engine
  • Increase the percentage of direct business
  • Leverage rate parity against OTAs