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The Good Hotel Guide

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Project Overview

The Good Hotel Guide is a pillar of trust in the hotel sector, providing independent reviews and expert guidance for all readers. The guide showcases over 2,000 hotels and hand-picks the very best to feature in their Good Hotel Guide on an annual basis. Over the years, the website has become a core part of the guide, with a deeply integrated process to capture information from hoteliers and support the writing and publication of the print guide across a team of editors.

Their previous WordPress implementation was highly complex and required technical support on a daily basis. The user interface required regular updates and optimisation to stay fresh.

What did Umi Digital do?

The Good Hotel Guide were looking for technical expertise to plan the future of the guide. The ongoing support of the Good Hotel Guide website is generally split into two core processes, reactive support and proactive growth.

Tasks surrounding proactive website growth account for the majority of Umi’s support time and follows our GDD (Growth Driven Design) process. On a monthly basis, we ensure the most impactful features are designed, tested and implemented into the website to ensure the long term its success. The list of innovations is prioritised each month as the business priorities flex. However, the optimisation sprints deliver a structured process to constantly evolve the website.

Throughout the support and optimisation work, we are also assembling a blueprint for the next generation of the website for the guide, based on user feedback and analytics. For this, we used the following tools:


We are seeing the number of users and the number of outbound clicks increasing year-on-year, despite the pandemic. It was a tough time for the guide as readers were hindered in their travel capabilities, but the desire for inspiration and planning remained strong in the industry.


“Umi Digital do a fantastic job overseeing the management of the Good Hotel Guide website. They are organised and very responsive to requests. They are also strategically strong and very solution-oriented. They have spearheaded numerous projects for us, including thinking about a whole new platform for the website. And their approach to solving day-to-day problems is thorough and timely. They are also very nice people, which is a real plus! Harry Fielder in particular is a real partner for us, proactive, strategic and solution-oriented all at the same time. And he explains complex issues very clearly.”

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