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Outstanding Website Maintenance and Support

Website Maintenance Overview

Website maintenance is a time-consuming but highly necessary process which requires detailed regular attention and a certain degree of technical knowledge. You, however, are busy running your own business and may not be lucky enough to have the time to devote to taking care of your website properly. Our maintenance services are designed to take the headache away from you and free up your time to manage your business, safe in the knowledge that your website is being looked after and performing at its best.

New Features

As your business changes, your website needs to evolve. With our support package, you will have a number of hours each month to implement new features that enhance the site. These will be carefully planned with your account manager to maximise the time allocation and be released onto a staging site for approval prior to public launch. Some recent features that were delivered for clients on our support package were:

  • Booking widget for new IBE
  • Implementing video background throughout the site
  • Custom Google Map integrations
  • Dynamic data capture pop-ups

Bug Fixes

As the wider internet changes with new browser versions and devices as well as internal server enhancements. Bugs are an unfortunate part of any technology and it is essential to have a team in place ready to handle any issues as and when they arise. Our support desk is highly trained to deal with issues quickly and efficiently. Bugs may arise through any of these cases:

  • A new version of WordPress
  • PHP update (Server language)
  • Browser updates
  • Launch of new devices
  • Plugin upgrades


The modern web is a minefield when it comes to security. Malicious users will be targetting your site each and every day so it is essential to have robust security protocols and firewalls in place. Umi has partnered up with some of the best security systems available and extend and anti-hack-guarantee to all of our clients. A few of the tools we implement are:

  • Forced secure passwords
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Plugin scans and checks
  • Extensive disk write logs
  • Encrypted Media Backups

Software Upgrades

There are so many amazing tools coming out all the time. To make use of these, we proactively upgrade the different components of your system to ensure your web presence based on the best technology available. These are the types of software upgrade we will handle for you:

  • New Booking Engine Integrations
  • WordPress Version Updates
  • Server upgrades
  • Plugin updates

Training and Assistance

One of our core values is a “Love of Learning”. This transcends our own learning and has made us passionate about teaching as well. Our values lie in the idea that we work with you and not for you. Ways we do this are through:

  • Client training days in our office
  • Software tutorials
  • Free webinars for clients
  • Educational newsletters and blog posts

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