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Wellbeing at Umi Digital

Work hard, play hard. This has been our motto for a long time. However, as we have matured as a company, and are collectively recovering from the effects of the pandemic, we think it’s also important to rest, socialise, and be with your family.

What our MD says about Wellbeing:

“Happiness at work and fulfilment in your personal life are so deeply linked. Work is a big part of your life, but not the only part. It’s a marathon and not a sprint, so our vision is to create a sustainable and enriching relationship with work.

Look after yourself and your loved ones.”

Harry Fielder

Managing Director

Our Initiatives

In order to make this possible, we have been focussing on developing a wellbeing offering for our employees, which includes some of these things:

Mental Health Hour

There are three main ways to reduce stress. Exercise, meditation, and therapy. And because we know how hard it is to make time to look after your mind, we’d love to help. People at Umi are encouraged to take one hour of work time per week to look after themselves.

Flexible Working Hours

Choose your own start time and flex your time when needed to make sure you find the right balance. Go outside while the sun’s up in the winter, spend time with the family, or simply work when your brain is up for it.

Team Events

Having no-screen time works wonders. We have regular team events and activities during work hours to get everyone away from the screen and do something relaxing and peaceful as a team. Like visiting a museum, getting crafty and much more.

Team Coffee Chats

Work meetings are important, but so are casual conversations. Especially when working remotely, we encourage having non-work related calls with the team. Think of this as virtual water-cooler chats, but less awkward.

And some other stuff

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