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4 Ways To Improve Guest’s Experiences With Twitter

24 April 2013


We are happy to see that more and more companies are starting to use Twitter. Most of them are sharing their current offers, things going on in their company or news from the work field. Those are all great things to share, but there is so much more you can do with Twitter. Today we would like to share with you four ideas of how you can use Twitter to improve your guest’s experience.


1. Listen to your customers

We hope this is something you already do, as it’s very important to know how people feel about your product. Once you know that, you can try to improve the things they don’t like and emphasise the things they love. Now you are probably doing this in real life, but are you doing it on Twitter? Twitter is a great platform for sharing opinions with the world and people often do. Make sure you search for your company name on Twitter on a regular basis (at least once a week, but it’s better to do it every day!) and find out what people are saying about you.


2. Use the information you get

After you’ve found out what people are saying about you, make sure you use this information.
Are they complaining about something? Start a conversation and try to find out more. What can you do to improve it? Is there a way you can fix the customer’s problem right away? You’ll see that most people complaining about something on social media are just looking for someone to listen to them and for some understanding. If you deal with an online complaint in a great way, you could even turn a very unhappy customer into a happy one. And the best thing is that other people will see that you treat your customers right.

Of course it also works the other way around. If your customers are raving about your product, make sure you use it to your benefit! Re-tweet it, showcase the positive Tweet as a quote on your website and even use it in your brochures. Remember that people always trust other people’s opinions better than they trust you telling them that your product is great.


3. Start fun conversations

Social media is called ‘social’ media for a reason. Twitter is a great platform to have conversations with your customers. If they share that they have booked a room at your hotel, wish them a great time, ask them what the reason of their visit is and maybe give them some tips about things to do in the area. This way you make it personal and start building a relationship with your guests before they have even arrived at the hotel. The customer experience can start well ahead of the actual visit.


4. Little things can have a great impact

Did you ever get pleasantly surprised by someone who remembered something you told him/her months ago? That would make you feel special, wouldn’t it?

Now let’s say you saw a Tweet saying: “I just booked a room at your hotel for my birthday, really looking forward to it!”. Wouldn’t it be great if you could surprise that person? So ask that person when his/her birthday is. Make sure you remember it (put it in your calendar or agenda) and wish him/her a happy birthday once the day arrives! If you use a tool to schedule your posts ahead, then it’s even easier, you can just schedule it in straight away. Now if you’d like to take this even further, try to see in which room this guest is staying and put a little handwritten note or a small present on their pillow.

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