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Social Media

Three Ways Companies Can Use Social Media

19 April 2013


Many companies just start using social media because everyone tells them they have to or they’ve got a sudden urge to begin but did you ever think about what you actually want to achieve with it? There are lots of ways you can use social media and therefore many different outcomes that can come from its use. In this article we’ll take a look at three ways your company could implement social media.


1. Become your customer’s friend

This is probably the most popular and common way of using social media. You use your these platforms as a way to talk to your customers and to build a relationship with them.

So what do you do to achieve this?

Think of you and your Facebook audience as real people. Why do people want to be your friend? Here are some possible reasons:

All the things mentioned above are also reasons why people will want to follow you on social media. So start sharing funny stories and photos, talk about things your target group is interested in, ask questions, share your tips, try to help people where you can and if someone complains, try to fix it.

And remember, when you are making friends in real life, you’re not just going to say: ‘I am awesome, so let’s be friends’. People would probably think that you’re arrogant and they would want you to prove how great you are first. What we’re trying to say is that you shouldn’t use social media the same way you would use advertising. If you want your customers to be your friend, you need to behave like a friend and let them decide if they like you or not.


2. Customer service

More and more companies start using social media for their customer service. It’s a fast and easy way to interact with your customers, which makes it a perfect platform for solving problems and giving answers.

To give your customers the service they deserve, keep the following things in mind:


3. Give information

Nowadays, many people are checking their social media platforms several times a day, or in some cases even several times an hour. That is an important fact to keep in mind if you are a company or organization that wants to share information with the public on a regular basis. Examples are the police, the town council, the fire brigade or providers of public transport using social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, is an easy way to reach a big audience fast.

Social media has a lot to offer your business but only if you use it correctly. Interact with your followers and don’t be afraid to respond to criticism. Keep them up to date and make sure to stick to your companies voice. By doing this your social media will become one of the most effective aspects of your company.

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