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Abandonment Capture | May Automation Month

02 May 2017


What is it?

Some customers explore your website and head straight to the book now button and just as they are about to convert they drop off and never appear again. What was the reason for this? Why did they not convert? And how can you reach out to them again?

Abandonment capture is a process whereby you can create a targeted plan of action to reach out to these individuals and convert them to book.


How can it help my business?

These are warm leads, if you can reach out to them you can most likely convert them to book right?

 It is really important to firstly understand how many of your customers go to book a room, product or service before abandoning the process and leaving you with no sale.

Firstly, you must identity the volume of these sales lost, the amount of revenue this totals and what type of products are the ones being left in your ‘basket’.

Once you have identified this, you can then begin to build an action plan to target these individuals and encourage them to convert and buy your product. By gathering as much information as possible before doing this allows you to create a targeted approach  that will speak to your customers and convert them.


The channels

There are marketing channels you can use to reach out to these individuals who have left your website and not converted. One of the options is by Facebook retargeting. Have you ever gone to buy something online and then left it last minute? Perhaps you wanted to buy it another day or you simply got distracted. When you then go to browse on your social media profile the exact product will then appears on your newsfeed. This retargeted advert has been put in place to ‘recapture’ you back to the website and book that product. Some companies add a discount to entice you. The same can be said if you are signed up to a companies’ newsletter, you may receive an email later that day with your product encouraging you to head back to the website and buy it.


Statistics have shown that on average 68% of online shoppers abandon the process, that’s a large percentage of warm leads you could be converting.


How do I get started?

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