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Dynamic Personalisation | May Automation Month

09 May 2017


The idea of dynamic content in automation may seem a bit of a contradiction but as we delve deeper into modern day technology, not only is dynamic personalisation possible, it is an absolute game changer.

Looking from an efficiency standpoint this means that the days of hard-coding are over. You can now mix and match content, duplicate and modify as you please without having to copy and rewrite hard-written code. So let’s say, for example, a restaurant that wants to change and display the specials every week and have seasonal tailored menus. Instead of having to rewrite the menu constantly, you can add, delete, change and modify the items from a single dynamic text box and even play with the font and colours while you do so!

With dynamic personalisation you can deliver a tailored user experience that stands out from other cookie-cutter sites which convey the same generic message. The idea is to promote what makes you and your business stand out from the crowd. Not only, can it be done, it can be automated!

By accumulating key qualities about yourself and your business it is even possible to dynamically inject these qualities into a template. You can even go one step further by making dynamically tailored templates to convey messages differently, this could be based on mood, situation or even time of day! With these elements, we are only beginning to scrape the surface of the bigger picture of how dynamic content works to give a more bespoke message to target audiences. This can be as simple as tailoring messages and adverts to potential clients based on level of formality to tailoring the content to meet the needs of certain geographical locations.

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