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Boost Search Traffic using Rich Snippets

14 February 2017


The nature of search is constantly changing and since it’s inception in 1996 Google search has changed immeasurable – Not just through the breadth of its reach but also the relevance and accuracy of search research. An initiative in 2011 by  Bing, Google and Yahoo called set out to create a common language of metadata telling Google more about content than just the keywords found in the content. This metadata is used by Google to create “Rich Snippets” – This article explores what these are and how your hotel or hospitality business can use them to increase your search visibility.


What is a rich snippet?

Rich snippets are a type of page markup (code stuff) which allows search engines to know more information about your content, beyond that of just the keywords and semantics of your pages. These in turn appear in the search results when a customer searches for your business, enabling users to more easily find the information they are looking for and actually make your listing stand out. Have you ever seen those golden review stars in Google search? Rich snippets. Movie times? Rich Snippets. Recipes with cooking times with calorie information? All rich snippets. 

Why do you need a rich snippet?

Rich snippets can help to differentiate your business from a competitor’s listing and have been shown to increase click through rate and increase organic search traffic. They tell your guests what information will be on the web page they are about to click on. By adding additional information you can create deliver more of a complete picture of your offering by showcasing important information about your business that may entice them to click through to your website.


What types of rich snippets are there?

There is a diverse range of rich snippets you can use for your website, we have listed some that are great to use for a hospitality business but make sure to check out the full list on

Our suggested snippets for hotels and hostels are:


How do I add Rich Snippets to my website?

As is a common mark up language, there is an element of coding required for implementation. Your website manager should be able to add these in for you but of course it is something that we can work with you on to integrate into your website!


What happens after rich snippets are added to your website?

  1. Once you have added your rich snippets, it takes Google 10 – 14 days before they begin to analyse them.
  2. Google will then show your rich snippets on some of your web pages and then they will disappear
  3. New rich snippets will then appear a week later and then may disappear, this can happen for a few weeks.
  4. Only after roughly 8 weeks will you be rewarded with (semi-permanent) Rich Snippets throughout your site, assuming Google’s repeated analysis and assessment didn’t discover any errors.
  5. Benefit from increased click through rate and and search traffic!


If you would like to know any more information about the above, do just drop us a line and we’ll happily discuss it further!


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