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Cross pollination of marketing ideas

24 February 2017


During my morning coffee I observed all of our Umi website build projects, as I do each morning, as they snake along our project management systems timeline. I noticed that all seven of our live website builds, while all for hospitality businesses, are completely different when it comes to marketing approach, keyword strategy and support requirements. On the board we have:

1. Countryside manor hotel in Ipswich
2. Multi-property hostel in Spain
3. Shipping container hotel in London
4. Aparthotel in Norwich
5. Scaling hostel company in Portugal
6. Bed and Breakfast in Cornwall
7. An Island resort in Tanzania

No two are at all the same, or have the same marketing requirements, but I am really proud of the team who have created unique marketing propositions for each and every website.

I was also impressed with how stable and flexible our Umi 360 hotel marketing platform has become. The sheer diversity in our client base has forced us to develop Umi 360 beyond what we had initially anticipated. We are now introducing technologies that were once exclusively for one tranche of hospitality into the rest of the platform and is acting like cross pollination for marketing.

Why should photo booths and user generated content just be for hostels? Why should a virtual concierge services just be for 5-star luxury hotel?

By leveraging tools that we had previously allocated to just one individual, we are seeing some really magical things happen.

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