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Should You Bother with Google Analytics?

21 February 2018


What is Google Analytics and where has it come from?


Google analytics is a free (Yes Free!) tool that allows users to monitor and track website performance/traffic through a number of metrics. It was first introduced back in 2005 and has now become a vital tool for most business across the globe, including us here at Umi Digital.

On Wednesday evening Luke toddled down to Aldwych House for an intriguing workshop on Google Analytics and how “Digital Marketers” can harness its full power to make controlled decisions. The workshop was fantastic and left Luke with a new insight into website tracking and how it can be used to make important and informed decisions. Here are the main points Luke left with on Wednesday night (including his laptop charger in the socket).


Don’t take your “Bounce Rate” for granted:


Bounce rate refers to a number of people who enter your site but leave without viewing more than one page on your site (this stat is measured in an overall average). If your bounce rate is high then your site does not retain your visitors, meaning potential leads are coming onto your site and are either finding what they want or they are leaving in frustration as they cant. Either way, this bounce rate needs to be analysed to see where the bounce rate is at its highest and see if any changes to the page have a direct effect.


Analysis of your “Audience Location” and your Customer Profile


Audience location refers to the geometric location of the majority of your site visitors, which can prove extremely beneficial for targeting social media campaigns to specific areas/locations which could help boost sales in a relatively short amount of time.


What’s your most prominent traffic source?


Analysing where most of your current traffic is coming from is a great way to optimise your site’s performance by either focusing on your most successful traffic generation method, but also figuring out where you could improve. Eg if your organic search is poor perhaps investing in some marketing campaigns could be in order.


Social Media Traffic


Analysing your social media platforms through google analytics can provide extremely useful data to act upon, as finding out your most successful SM channels can help determine the budget allocation of certain marketing campaigns and can overall help your organisation to save money. An example of this could be analysing a Facebook and Twitter marketing campaign and having the luxury of seeing what platform performs the best.

Return Visitor conversion


Return visitor conversion refers to the moment a user returns back to your website for the second time, businesses must ask themselves why they are returning/why they couldn’t convert to the visitors first visit. Perhaps your brand left a positive impression causing a visitor to return meaning an issue may lie in your conversion rates.




If you have any questions regarding google analytics & its functionality feel free to ring up for a quick demo tutorial from one of our marketing experts today! Simply click here and drop us an email or call to start making the most out of this free analytics tool & start tracking the performance of your website today!

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