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The Most Instagrammed Hotels in the World!

15 February 2018


What do you look for in a hotel?


You are going on Holiday and are selecting your perfect hotel to stay in, what do you look for? Is it a great view, perhaps a modern gym? Or maybe an Olympic size swimming pool? Or just some decent wifi? Well, think again. As a society, we have evolved dramatically over the past 10 years and with it our selected needs and requirements.

In today’s era of “Social Media”, 40% of all the population use a form of “picture sharing”  to share their daily activities and locations with friends and family via social media. One of the most prominent being “Instagram”, with most users spending roughly 2-3 hours a day checking and updating profiles.  This obsession is forcing hotels to re-think and optimise their marketing strategies in order to entice guests to stay with them.

Some hotels are choosing to change with the times with the integration of social media into their marketing strategy as well as their customer experience, something our MD Steve Lowy recently discovered when travelling to Rome, where the hotel had conveniently outlined the perfect “Instagram spot” which perfectly positioned him to capture the most picturesque photo of the surrounding landscape. Feel free to check out the image here and all of Steve’s other examples of “Instagram gold” on his ever updating profile.

This constant need to document your life and post it online is becoming a booming business, that hotels will soon be unable to ignore. Would you choose a certain hotel over another down to its social media content potential? Or by its WIFI signal strength? Leave a comment and let me know!

Here below are some of the most well-known hotels with the highest levels of social media activity across the globe according to Instagram:

1. Marina Bay Sands: Singapore

According to a study conducted by the Independent newspaper The Marina Bay Sands holds the top spot of being “The most-Instagrammed hotel in the world” The Bay Sands is Shanghai’s largest hotel and has a strange and unique design of three towers, topped with a large terrace and pool making it one of the most peculiar designs I have ever seen, which first made me think that they perhaps received the hotel designs from the makers of the Star Trek franchise, however in some cases abstract is beautiful and this hotel certainly does look special.

2. Bellagio, Las Vegas 

The next hotel renowned for its “Instagram” capabilities is called the “Bellagio” in Las Vegas, Nevada, which seems to be a hotspot as they feature prominently on the remainder on the list. The hotel has rich furnishings and elegant finishes and of course, the world-famous water fountains making this hotel an Instagrammers paradise to harvest social media content for weeks to come after the holiday is over with weekly pictures titled #takemeback!


Find the remainder of the list below:

3) The Venetian Las Vegas

4)Atlantis The Palm: Dubai

5) MGM Grand: Las Vegas

6) The Cosmopolitan: Las Vegas

7) Wynn: Las Vegas

8) Caesars Palace: Las Vegas

9) Fontainebleau: Miami Beach

10) Paris: Las Vegas

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