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28 January 2014


It is extremely important for every content marketer to write good digital content. The following five questions, who, what, where, when and why will give you an idea how to make your blog work.



You have to know your audience in order to reach them and to provide them with useful information. This information entails demographic information as well as psychographic information like interests. Social platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn and other social media platforms are great for finding this.



It is not what you say, but more what your audience is able to hear (and not so much what they want to hear). People are interested in learning new things and it is important to provide them with a deeper understanding of a topic. This will make it easier for people to take in new information.



Motivate your audience to visit your website on websites that they are already using. This is far easier and less time consuming than trying to convince your audience to visit a website that they do not know. You can create followers through websites like Search Engine Journal or Social Media Today. At these websites you will find content from different sources. Use links to your own content on these mega sites your audience is using. Of course, this can be any website, depending on your audience, so target other websites that are right for you. When your audience follows your link to your website, ask them to subscribe.



They say that “timing is everything”, and this is certainly the case here. You need to know when your audience visit websites in order to target them best. Use free or low-cost apps like LikeAlyzer to help you to track the impact of your content. This will help you to find out your audience’s browsing habits and schedule the best timing for your content! There are many excellent, paid content marketing platforms out there.



The answer to this question is essentially your business goal. You have to create clear connections between your content marketing and results in order to measure your progress. From which platform did the most business generate from? It is very important to evaluate the impact of your content marketing at the beginning of a campaign rather than at the end. Keep in mind that you use a unique URL or hashtags to assess results.


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