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How to manage your social media

07 February 2014


The biggest mistake companies make is that they think they can treat their social media like their website and basically set up an account, do nothing, and wait until it grows by itself. Reality check: social media is time consuming.

It can be quite a difficult task for any company to manage all their social media platforms. Say your company has a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google + account, and you don’t want to spend ages on keeping them up-to-date or you don’t want to pay ‘top dollar’ for a Social Media Manager? Do not fear! There is a solution to managing your social media. It’s better to spend time on your social media daily than let it build up. Just follow the following ten steps and save a lot of time managing your social media!


1. Log in

This is a rather obvious step, but in order to do anything, you should log into your accounts.


2. Check your messages, comments and replies

Make sure you respond to customers on time and put in the effort to properly answer any questions they may have. Your customers will feel appreciated and this can really make the difference in keeping and losing customers!


3. Resolve bad situations if necessary

Occasionally,  you may receive a bad review or complaint from a customer on your social media. Try to resolve the situation by responding to these comments on time. Yes, other customers see these bad reviews, but they also see your response so you can easily turn this around! Don’t respond, or respond in a negative or self-defensive manner and this will be very off putting to other customers.


4. New content

Try to post new content every day, for example, you could share an interesting article, a cool photo, ask your audience a question or put up a video. There are different Social Media management tools like SocialSprout or HoutSuite which allow you to post on your social media platforms at once. It also allows you to schedule your posts at a certain time so you could make your social media monitoring a once weekly task.


5. Reach out to (at least) 3 followers

It’s really important for any company to keep in contact with its customers and to create long term relationships with them. It shows that you are interested in them and they will remember you for that.


6. Reach out to (at least) 3 new people

Try and reach out to other (possible) customers and other companies. This is a really important step to expand your network. You can re-tweet someone’s posts on Twitter or share someone’s posts on Facebook to engage with others. If you put in the effort they will most likely start following you or add you as a friend!


7. Monitor competitors and industry mentions

Check out what is relevant and get involved in relevant discussions. This is a really good way to connect with others!


8. Think about your future posts

It’s really important to share fresh content with your followers, but you can also look up events or relevant topics in the near future and save this material. This way you don’t have to look for new content everyday and use the material you already searched for and saved.


9. Keep up with your statistics

Keep up with your statistics by using a Social Management tool like one of the ones we mentioned above. These tools provide you with all your social media statistics, show you which posts are popular, how many followers you have gained, what content was shared and so on. This will give you a better idea of what material is working and what isn’t and will save you a lot of time.


10. Special gestures

To create long lasting relationships, be willing to go above and beyond by checking on birthdays, re-tweeting someone’s posts or sharing content with others.

We hope the above has been helpful for you. Here’s to more manageable social media!


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