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Ecosia – How to spend your ad budget on the planet!

21 September 2020


What is Ecosia?

Ecosia is a Search Engine company, based out of Berlin. Their mission goal is to operate entirely ethically and to use all of their profit to plant trees and fund reforestation projects across the world. 

Contrary to much of the global tech industry, they pride themselves on transparency. They achieve this by showing, and drawing attention to their monthly financial statements. For instance, this includes their outlays on travel, personnel and office rental as well as showing where they have planted trees.

Using the same algorithm that bing runs on means that it works as a fully-fledged search engine. They offer a full serviced ads platform that works effectively and allows us to place your adverts across a larger market.

Why should I advertise my hotel here?

Looking at how advertising on the platform works, I did a little research into our clients. Above all, I found that advertises on branded terms of 92% of our key paid search clients on Ecosia. Meaning that a company that spends $1.3 Billion on search advertising a year believes the ads are worthwhile to spend on and that they must drive conversions.

In terms of users, Ecosia is the #445 website by internet engagement worldwide, rising as high as #52 in Germany. At its yearly high it took 0.15% of search engine users (1 in every 667 searches is run through it). Whilst this may not seem like a huge total this makes it the 5th largest non-regional specific search engine. With Microsoft Search Advertising you will also have access to numbers 4) DuckDuckGo, 3) Yahoo! and 2) Bing. 

Finally and most importantly, you are supporting tree planting schemes, green initiatives and breaking up the monopoly that is search marketing. Up to 50% of the businesses monthly revenue goes towards these projects so £100 ad spend equates to up to £50 towards planting new trees, along with generating revenue for your hotel.

How do I advertise here?

All advertising on the platform is run through Microsoft search network, along with other sites like Bing, Yahoo! and DuckDuckGo. Our direct marketing team will be happy to set up and manage for you.

If you are interested in trying this out then drop a message and set this up.

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