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Facebook’s Newsfeed Update – What it means for your business

03 April 2013


Even though some people love to dwell in the past, we all know the world isn’t static. It’s no different in the digital world. Every day the big players in the industry are trying to figure out how to make the online playgrounds even more user friendly, more fun and more popular. Just like in the real world, things in the digital world constantly shift and change and we have to adapt to those new circumstances.

One of the big players we are talking about, Facebook, is rolling out an update for its Newsfeed in the upcoming weeks. Here’s what this means for your business and how you can adapt to it:


Great content is the key to success

One of the biggest changes will be the fact that people can now choose between different Newsfeeds. They could choose to only see videos, photos or posts by their friends. And here’s the shocker: This means that people can choose not to see posts by businesses. Of course we wouldn’t want that to happen. So how do we prevent people from not viewing our posts? Make them want to see your posts! Stop using your Facebook page as an advertising platform and start using it as a real person. Make sure the content you share is at least just as interesting, funny and useful as the content shared by your follower’s friends.


Your cover photo and profile picture are your business card

Facebook introduces a new way of showing yourself to the public. When someone likes your page, their friends will see your cover photo and profile picture in their Newsfeed. Something like this:
Make sure they are a great representation of your business!


Beautiful photos will have a place to shine

The visual aspect of Facebook is going to play an even bigger role after the Newsfeed update. Photos will be larger, brighter and more prominent. This is a great way to show your product at its best. Make sure the photos you share are attractive and of outstanding quality and you’ll be on your way to success!


Videos will become more important

YouTube is still growing and videos are becoming more and more popular. Facebook is aware of this trend and will now show your videos more prominently. Do you have some great video content? Start sharing it! You don’t? Start creating it!

Source photos: Facebook

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