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Three Tips for Building an Effective Blog

19 February 2013


While most casual Internet browsers view blogging as an easygoing, typical activity, us marketers know that blogging can mean much more serious business than that.

Creating a blog is not difficult, however, utilising it properly can be much more tricky. We like to think the key to blogging is to aim for a blog that is supported by a stone foundation. Similar to stones, your blog needs to create content that stands strong, attracts users, and does not get washed away in the Internet flood. Luckily, here at umi Digital, we like to think we can provide you with the inside scoop. We’ve put our heads together, and compiled our top three tips on how to best utilise your blog!


Become your viewer’s friend!

Blogging gives you the ability to connect with your audience way beyond the cashier. Blogs provide an opportunity to be seen as much more than a business – you become friends with the client! By taking away the buyer and seller stigma and forming a shared experience, you build a trusted, long-term relationship. In addition, it gives companies the ability to show the audience their personality and give them a strong first impression. Consumers love the ability to have open dialogue, so take advantage of that!


Share your knowledge

Blogging also allows a company the ability to be seen as the expert, someone the client can learn from, and more importantly trust. The best blogs are not the ones that appeal to the professionals in the field, but the ones that can guide and inspire in a conversational manner. Think back to your primary years of school… What made you admire one of your early teachers? For us, it was their simplistic, caring nature. Teachers have a valued relationship not because they tried to teach you calculus, but because they have provided easy to understand life lessons. Blogging should be used in the same approach.


Maximize your search engine marketing

Blogs not only have the ability to allow you to connect with you audience, but they also allow you the ability to dramatically connect with search engines. By staying up-to-date on blog entries, building in links, and using keyword phrases, your blog can be a huge and inexpensive marketing technique. Google frequently reviews content, so the more SEO content you have, the better possibility you have of appearing in Google searches! According to a study by Hubspot (, companies that blog have 55% more visitors than those who do not. It is simple: keep the blogs coming and the traffic will follow!


In the end, just remember your blog should be built with stones; not sticks! It needs to be a place to connect to your customers on a one –on-one and personal level. You have to think, ’What will they want to read?’

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