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Go Sober for October

19 September 2013


Image courtesy of: Macmillan

You may not believe it but the Umi Digital team is going ‘Sober for October’! During the month of October, nobody in the Umi Digital team will drink one sip of beer, wine, margarita or any other alcoholic drink.

Wondering why anyone would want to go sober for a whole month? Well, we have a good reason.

By going Sober for October,  we’ll raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. This charity helps improve the lives of people affected by cancer. The number of people with cancer is growing every day. Macmillan Cancer Support wants to reach and improve the lives of every one of those people by providing practical, medical and financial support and push for better cancer care.

Besides the financial differences our actions are going to have for Macmillan Cancer Support, taking a month off of the booze will have many potential benefits for ourselves too. By accepting this challenge and making small improvements to our diet and exercise routine, we expect to experience: higher productivity, clearer heads, better sleeping, clearer skin and many more. After October we all will be slim, fit and healthy!

In our battle to be Sober for October and live a better life, we need your help! You can support our team by donating an amount of money on our team website! Every donation will go to the Macmillan Cancer Support and will give us strength to complete our challenge! Check out the site for more information:

Thanks in advance from the whole sober Umi Digital team!

Are you going Sober for October too? Tell us about your challenge by tweeting us with hashtag #umisober

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