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The importance of a Unique Selling Point

18 September 2013


Image courtesy of: Michelle Corteggian

Marketing your business or product is always a difficult task but establishing your unique selling point (USP) can be key to being successful. When exploring your USP it’s important to ask; what is that one special thing that no one else has? What’s that one thing that defines you and distinguishes you from the rest? Why is having a USP so important for a business?


Clarity In Your Message

It’s important to know what distinguishes you and makes you better than the many competitors in the market. By having a clear USP, your branding and marketing are stronger because you have a clear vision of the message you want to deliver. Besides that, a USP also assists you by identifying a clear direction for your business and helps you to develop a business personality. This also helps your clients and the business community to remember your reputation and brand.

However, some businesses find it hard to describe themselves in just one good USP.  They don’t know exactly what it is they offer that the costumers can’t find anywhere else. Locating that one specific thing that defines you is a difficult question.

To help you find your own USP, there are the following questions to ask:

So, now that you have an idea on what your USP is, it needs to be incorporated into your business. And by sharing your USP, customers immediately know what you have to offer.

Finding out your USP can be quite difficult but having a strong one will give you a stronger view on what you stand for, which target audience you’re looking for and how to reach those new potential customers.

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