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How to Grow Your Hotel’s Newsletter Database

21 August 2018


How to grow your newsletter database

Especially with GDPR in force, it is worth growing your email newsletter database (with clear consent!) and sending regular newsletters. Whether online or offline, there are many ways to collect qualified subscribers which you can then segment into very useful marketing lists. We created a list of our top 6 ways to grow your hotel’s email database, ranging from permanent signup boxes and laser targeted pop-ups to social media and offline forms.

Let us help you grow your email database!

Setting up your newsletter might seem like a hassle now, but trust me it will be worth it. Regular, well-targeted newsletters allow you to cash in on repeat guests, referred guests and also completely new guests. Email marketing is a great way to update your audience about offers, events and cool changes at your hotel or hostel!

Before you start growing your list though, here are a few key points to consider:


Now, let’s get started! Here are 6 ways to grow your email newsletter database the right way:

  1. Have a signup opportunity on every page of your website
    With a bit of code you can add a signup box to the top or bottom of your website, meaning that it will be shown on every page of your website. This will give users the opportunity to sign up even if they missed any previous prompts. Ideally this box will be linked directly to your newsletter software, making management super easy!
  2. Create targeted signup pop-ups
    Don’t skip this one, please. Pop-ups have evolved incredibly in the recent years and can now be laser-targeted, which makes them far less intrusive than before. You can set pop-ups only to show when a user is intending to leave your website (“exit intent technology”), target only people browsing from certain geographic areas, or even depending on which website they found you through (e.g. Google or your social media page). Depending on how pop-ups fit into your overall strategy, you can opt for free or paid tools, we’re happy to recommend some options!
  3. Add your signup link to your email signatures
    While this source won’t bring you masses of subscribers, it will ensure to attract people who already know about your hotel and have communicated with you in some way. Remember, quality over quantity!
  4. Shout about your newsletter on social media
    Chances are, your social media and newsletter audiences don’t overlap. So make sure to let everyone on your social media profile know that you have an awesome newsletter – show them what to expect and how to sign up! Most newsletter tools let you share a signup link, but alternatively you can create a simple landing page.
  5. Run a paid social media campaign
    If you are trying to attract new people within a certain geographic area, group of interest or age bracket, you can put some money behind a lead-generation social media campaign. Just make sure to segment accordingly!
  6. Capture guests’ data offline
    If you want to increase the percentage of return stays, capture as much of your guests’ data as possible – of course with their clear consent! You could amend your registration forms to include a newsletter section, or offer free drinks vouchers or competitions in exchange for their signup.


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