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What Are Keywords and How Do They Affect My SEO Rankings? | Umi Digital

23 July 2018


Throughout the past decade, the words “Keywords” and “SEO” have slowly risen in popularity in the digital world and for any online business looking to be successful at attracting traffic through to their site.


What are Keywords?


In the most basic and most explanatory form, keywords are simply a guide for search engines to help match your website and its content to individuals surfing the internet looking for similar content. The keywords allow web browsers to match their results organically to your a website’s keywords.


Why are keywords important?


This ultimately means that keywords and their implementation have a direct impact on the overall success of your website and organisation. Meaning no matter the amount of money you spend on making the perfect website, it will have little to no effect on your overall traffic numbers. The best websites are an intertwined hybrid between both beautiful UI and carefully planned out and researched keyword strategies.


How do you insert keywords into your website?


The first stage of any keyword plan is to outline a list of keywords popular in your certain sector or industry, commonly used on search engines. This list is created through a keyword planner, that allows users to search keywords based on their popularity. This list of popular keywords can then be used to tailor content with an SEO standpoint strongly in mind, overall increasing the total amount of organic traffic entering your website, down to the keywords strategically placed throughout your text.


What are the dangers of using Keywords?


Keywords are one of the most important factors as touched upon above. However, it is important to understand that keywords need to be implemented correctly to firstly working as a way to attract organic traffic but to also not take away from the overall user experience.

One of the most common mistakes that we see here at Umi, will be an overload of unneeded keywords that give the organisation no considerable benefits. In fact, Google penalises websites who overload their content to the brim full of keywords, as it deems the content to be unreliable. To get the optimum out of keywords, it is important to keep a certain balance by ensuring all of the keywords entered feel organic and natural, as an overload of unneeded and pointless keywords will often lead visitors to feel frustrated and leave.


Looking to improve your Organic SEO with the introduction of keywords?


If you are interested in optimising your SEO strategy with the introduction of some keywords, feel free to get in contact with our marketing specialists here, for a free 30 minute SEO consultation regarding your keyword implementation.

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