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Hotel Pods – Japan

03 July 2017


The smallest hotel room in the world

Ever had an issue with the size of your hotel room? Perhaps the pictures simply made it look bigger than it actually was, or maybe you simply were forced into booking yourself a smaller room then wanted?

Then why not try taking a trip over to Japan and spend a night inside a sleeping capsule. These capsules are perhaps Japan’s new solution to overbooking, and take space utilisation to the next level, with a hotel capsule or ‘room’ measuring in at just 4.3 by 6.3 feet. This therefore ensures guests an extremely cosy hotel room, or perhaps a claustrophobic night’s sleep. However, it seems the sensation of being buried inside a coffin is becoming quite popular with capsule hotels booming. This could be down to the niche appeal or more realistically the £7.00 price tag for a nightly sleep.

I can completely see the appeal in the convenience and the budget sensitive nature of the capsules but I can’t see myself enjoying the lack of space in the coffin like conditions or the noise of the person below you smashing his/her head against the ceiling of the pod below as they wake up from a nightmare of being buried alive. One thing’s for sure they are certainly not going to appeal to the honeymoon sector or romantic couples retreat.

Umi Director Harry Fielder, at 6’8” doesn’t stand a chance…

Why not take a look here to find out some more information: Japan Capsules

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