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London’s Smallest Hotel

03 July 2017


Perhaps Bigger is not Better?

With London having such a rich history, culture and charming quirks it is always great fun to come across hotels with little quirky claims to fame. A rich history can do wonders for a brand. Our good friends at Gordon’s Wine Bar are London’s oldest wine bar which just oozes history and personality. Having a real USP is such fun to work with when Marketing and I imagine the folks over at bring in the Napoleon London have fun too! The Napoleon is London’s smallest hotel and offers just one suite, measuring at 430 square foot at a price of just £180 per night.

In a generation where we define bigger as better, the norm for any hotel is to push for more space and higher capacity of guests, with most London hotels having at least 50+ rooms each. This theory has been turned on its head thanks to the introduction of the Napoleon Hotel based in East Shoreditch. This hotel is simply one of a kind and boasts just one room for its guests to choose from. No this is not a typo and no the sun has not made me delirious. You have to admire their quirky thinking! This one bedroom hotel is simply one of a kind and offers its guests (or guest) a choice of three luxury bars to indulge from. One room and three bars!



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