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Hospitality Insights

Making Your Brand Memorable

08 May 2013


Do you ever wonder what people remember from their stay at your hotel years after their visit? It might actually be nothing, with people traveling more and more, they see a lot of hotels and after a while it just becomes one big blur. You really need to stand out if you want people to remember you. Creating a brand that stands out is a difficult task but it’s far from impossible.


Think of a unique concept, create an identity

If you want your customers to remember you years after their visit, you’ll have to make sure you have an identity; something that people can recognize you by. It will be easier for you to carry out that identity if it has a connection to you as a person. Think about who you are, what do you like, perhaps if you have special hobbies or interests, Then show this in your hotel. You could give every room the name of one of your favorite books, or maybe you could decorate the rooms in different music genres. A rock room, a classical room, etc. This concept could also be as simple as creating a menu in the form of a book or hanging up posters of your favorite bands in the toilet.


It’s all about the experience

When people go on a holiday, they like to experience something. Creating this experience can be as simple the place they sleep at after they have had their adventures outside of the hotel, but wouldn’t it be great if the hotel was part of this experience? People won’t remember the white sheets on the bed or the continental breakfast. What they will remember are the little, special things. It could be a small note on their bed to wish them a great day, the fact that they were staying in the Shakespeare-room or the lovely lady at the reception who could tell them all about the surrounding area, including the non-touristy places; those are things that stick.

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