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Our 3 top tips for advertising on LinkedIn

15 May 2013


LinkedIn advertising is different than your typical ad campaign; some may argue it even needs a guidebook of its own! With its limited characters and niche practice of hitting those business-to-business marketers, some tend to fear the nook functionality that LinkedIn offers. But like always, put your fear to rest and take notes from us. If you follow our top three tips on LinkedIn best practices, we promises this foreign land will become much more comforting.


1. Quality Not Quantity

Our first tip is related to the content of the advert. Just like any other ad, content is key! The character space is very short compared to other sites such as Facebook, so you have less time to be humorous and mysterious. However, this does not mean that you don’t have to make as much effort into creating the ad; in fact, it is quite the opposite. In your limited space you need to address who you are talking to, what you offer, and most importantly grab their attention! Being direct is key; there isn’t time to dance around the subject. Your content should have call-to-actions (such as something they can click like a hyperlink, a banner or a button) and what the user will expect from you.


2. Eyes On The Prize

You can have the best ad in the entire world, but if you aren’t directing it towards the proper audience it will do you no good. LinkedIn’s prime benefit is that it allows you a strong platform to connect with the most applicable demographic to your business.

Take a second and think of the mindset of people on Linkedin. They are trying to better their career; they are professionals looking for networks, careers, and connections. This large B2B marketplace is about as niche of an area as you can get if you are searching to hire a new manager for your hotel or looking to advertise your hotel as a place for events and conferences. You can hone in on the exact type or person you are looking for based upon detailed demographics such as their: job, title, age, geographic location, etc.

In addition, some may believe that the more impressions you send out, the better response you will get. This is far from the truth. LinkedIn is all about targeting the right people. When brainstorming whom to target, keep two things in mind: who are you looking for and what type of people are looking for you. If you can match these two components you will find your conversion rate will steadily increase.


3. Practice Makes Perfect

One of the best features of LinkedIn ads is that they only charge companies based upon a click through rate. This allows you to be a little experimental. Instead of just relying on your one ‘contact us today’ advert; you can try testing new waters with different tones to see which voice resonates best with your audience. Believe it or not, LinkedIn actually recommends experimental behaviour and suggests companies test around three ads at a time. You can then closely watch each ad campaign and adjust from there.

We hope these tips can help you get started on your very own LinkedIn ad campaign. As always please feel free to contact us personally for management or best practices guidance. At umi we are always happy to give a helping hand!

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