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Market Experiences Instead of Material Goods

30 July 2015


With each passing generation new marketing tactics and trends rise and fall to better reach the mature audience of that specific time. As the millennial generation moves into its most active travel time many of the marketing tactics have shifted to better target this audience. The millennials may serve to be one of the best generations yet for travel and hospitality organizations, that is if they market experiences not


Who’s this Relevant For?

You’re probably thinking, why highlight the importance of the millennial? Well, the millennial generation has a couple interesting trends associated with it that lead them to be more apt to travel than most of their predecessors (you can read about the trends in our recent blog post here). The main takeaway from their increased chance to travel is what they’re looking for in travel; memories and experiences instead of material goods.

This idea of buying experiences instead of material goods is extremely good for anyone working in the travel and hospitality industry. More and more the millennial generation is becoming less materialistic and more interested in finding memorable experiences all across the world making a great marketing opportunity for everyone.


A Hospitality Goldmine

Many hotels, motels, and hostels are offering great service in the area of recommendations for things to do and places to see. Outside of that even more are beginning to offer specific things to do without even leaving your lodging itself. Restaurants are starting to incorporate shows and live music into their dinnertime rushes, hostels are integrating venues for events and dances. Everyone is shifting toward offering more for the experience of your visit, even OTAs.

OTAs have become experts at marketing based around creating an experience that goes full circle for the travelers. Recent trends in the overall market have shown merging companies trying to offer more and more in a single place, book your flight, hotel, and transportation all on a single website has become a common catchphrase among OTAs. This trend simply reflects the idea of making experiences instead of material goods more accessible for customers.

Good marketers will focus on giving potential clients the idea that clients make the memories the company will handle the rest. Offering a full experience to someone will be one of the best things your organization can do for prospective clients. They’ll appreciate your services and you’ll appreciate their business, it’s a mutual win-win exchange for the both of you.


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