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#InternSays: Random Tips for Living in London for the First Time

29 March 2018



Our lovely intern Amelia is kindly sharing her experience of living in London for the first time with us. Here we go!

For many people coming to a global city like London is a scary thought. But what if it is something that will change your life for the better? Living in Central London for a week or 5 months will provide you many opportunities to have new adventures. London is known for its royalty, fresh, quirky, progressive, and individualistic atmosphere. Caution – in London you may see some rats, dirty streets, trash bags everywhere, cigarettes, and some unknown substances. But don’t let that stop you from exploring. Just remember to watch your step and stop before you look up to admire the London buildings (out of the way, of course).

In London you will hear many languages, so don’t be scared to be a tourist, most people are. And download the app citymapper before you arrive. You’ll thank me later. It will assist you on your travels through any tube station (the subway btw), buses, and even shows you nifty alternatives.

Here are a few random tips when it comes to your first time living in London:


Before you know it you’ll be acting like a Londoner. You’ll be walking at a fast pace, with headphones in, and dodgeing smokers. London is a great place to live. It is not just a global city but a beautiful city. Right when you enter the country start exploring. There is so much to see, you’ll never be bored.

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