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Social Media

Separate yourself from the crowd with social media

11 July 2013


One of the biggest assets that you have as a business trying to promote your services is one of the most known but not necessarily most used tools in business in today’s society; the power of the World Wide Web. Through the Internet, you can connect to 2.8 billion people compared to less than half a billion just 12 years ago. In Europe alone, 77% of households can connect to the Internet. That’s 570 million households which you can advertise your services to in just a 10th of the whole world. Hotels, to be successful, must allow themselves to be swept along with the tidal wave of technology and therefore get the best out of the resources available which in turn will make more money for their company.

Nowadays, a website for your hotel is essential and since there are thousands of hotels all over the UK, your website must stand out from the crowd to entice customers to visit your hotel. Since websites are so commonplace with hotels, one way in which you can separate yourself from some of the crowd is by creating accounts for your hotel on many different social media accounts. Not just Twitter and Facebook as many hotels have these accounts but you can have Pinterest, Instagram or YouTube accounts and these will attract more customers, i.e. customers who use these sites could see your hotel.

On Pinterest, one should have a visually striking profile to make people visit your Pinboard in the first place. Then you need to be creative to keep people looking at your board. For example, you could give people an insight into what hotel workers get up to behind the scenes and the pins should show the fun and personal side of your brand. You should make the pins tell a story about your brand that you couldn’t normally tell on other platforms.

On YouTube you can perhaps, similarly to Pinterest, give viewers a unique insight into the more private part of the business, as people are often intrigued by what they are not able to see on a day to day basis. This is why documentaries about hotels on TV are so popular and this is something your hotel could tap into in order to attract customers. Whether it is videoing the chefs cooking some of the food that is eaten in the hotel or what some of the staff get up to when off shift, this is a brilliant way to separate yourself from thousands of other hotels in the UK.

Hotels can also use Instagram and Flickr, social media sites where you can post pictures, to stand out from the bunch. However, you must be creative to attract users of the sites. Similarly to Pinterest, you should have an eye-catching profile to draw people in and then be creative with your pictures. Possibly show nice parts of the hotel, for example the grounds, the rooms and if possible the swimming pool and other similar facilities. Also use hash tags, as this is a way for people to find your photos without visiting your profile.

Therefore these are methods through which you can separate your hotel from other hotels and hopefully make more money for your business.


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